What Wall Art Styles Are Trending Right Now?

Staying updated on the latest wall art trends can be challenging, especially as individual tastes and preferences often dictate personal choices. However, there are a few popular styles worth exploring: Inspirational, Parisian, Line, and Abstract.

Inspirational Art

Inspirational artwork is a current favorite, featuring large-scale pieces that express a range of emotions from joy to sadness. These pieces often incorporate graphic letters, uplifting sayings, or cheerful imagery. Notable artists creating art in this style include Matt Crump, Humberto Cruz, and Dara Piken.

Parisian Art

Parisan Art Style Oil Painting of Ballerina Dancing in Front of the Eiffel Tower MyPhotoArtStore.com

Paris is home to a diverse range of art galleries, showcasing traditional works as well as pieces by emerging artists. The city's long-standing association with luxury goods has influenced its art market, making it an ideal location for art collectors. Art Nouveau, a movement popular from the 1890s to 1914, originated in Paris and is characterized by its asymmetrical shapes and lines. Today, you can find works by top French and African artists in various galleries throughout the city.

Line Art

Line Art Drawing of Two Women Hugging MyPhotoArtStore.com

Line art designs are minimalist and versatile, often featuring black lines on white backgrounds. However, they can also incorporate vibrant colors and organic textures. This style can be used for packaging, labels, and web design, making it ideal for those looking to stand out. Famous line artists include Picasso and Henri Matisse, whose Blue Nudes series is an excellent example of line art.

Abstract Art

Extra Large Custom Canvas Prints of Abstract Yellow and Black on Living Room Wall MyPhotoArtStore.com

Abstract art is a timeless and adaptable style, with contemporary artists using various mediums and techniques to create unique works. To make the most of abstract art, ensure that it is displayed at eye level and that the color palette complements your existing décor. Today's abstract artists are leveraging digital platforms like Instagram and YouTube to showcase their works, allowing the genre to evolve rapidly.

In conclusion, while personal preferences play a significant role in choosing wall art, exploring current trends like Inspirational, Parisian, Line, and Abstract styles can offer new ideas and inspiration. These styles cater to a variety of tastes and can be an excellent addition to your living space.