When you are looking at a product you want, simply click the green Upload Photo button to upload your photo from your device or to connect to a social media where it is.

We recommend a quality at or above 72 pixels per inch, which is common for media shared online. Make sure your photo matches the dimensions of the product you are requesting as well, to ensure everything fits when we print it! We take any common picture file format.

Yes! You will not see your art before you purchase, however. Our artist will get to work on your custom art and they will create three variations of the artwork so you can choose which one you want to print! If you do not like any of them, we will do revisions for you until it is what you want.

Give our artists 1-2 business days to email three variations for you to choose from. After you choose which proof you want, our production time varies by product but it is usually 1-5 business days, with another few days for shipping. All total, you should expect your artwork within 3 weeks of purchase. Please remember to account for holidays, as they can affect production and shipping times.

At My Photo Art, we are committed to respecting both creativity and legality. We welcome a wide range of personal photographs, including those that tastefully include consensual adult nudity, as part of our dedication to celebrating the diversity of human expression. However, it is our policy to decline any content that falls into the following categories:

  • Copyrighted Material: We cannot accept photographs or images that are protected by copyright unless you have explicit permission or are the rightful owner of the content. This includes recognizable branded elements, artwork, and characters that you do not have the rights to use.
  • Non-Consensual Material: Any imagery that includes individuals who have not given their explicit consent for their image to be used, especially in sensitive contexts, will not be accepted.
  • Illegal Content: We strictly prohibit any content that is illegal, such as child pornography.

We believe in fostering a respectful and lawful platform for personal expression. If you have any doubts about whether your photo meets these guidelines, please feel free to reach out to us before submitting your order. Our team is here to help ensure your artwork complies with our policies and to assist you in finding suitable alternatives if necessary.

We can cancel the order and issue a refund all the way up until we send your custom art to our printing floors. After your art hits the printer, however, we cannot refund you as this step requires us to pay our costs of your custom, unique product. If you receive a damaged product, PLEASE let us know right away by emailing info@myphotoartstore.com with your order number and we will send you a second piece at no cost!

Possibly! Send your question in the on-site chat feature or to info@myphotoartstore.com and we will work with you to find a solution!

Yes, while our site is not currently optimized for international business, we can and do help international customers! When you place your order with your current shipping address, we have international partnerships that allow us to produce your product in your region.

When your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link! We will also send you periodic email updates on your custom product all through the process, we're only an email away if you have any questions and you will hear from us multiple times before you receive your product.

All major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and a few others.

Your data is communicated to our system via encrypted SSL. Additionally, your photo will be removed from our systems 30 days after you receive your order. All email communication is also run on Google's secure email system.

You can make changes all the way up to when it is sent to production. You will hear from us throughout the process and can request revisions all the way through until we get your authorization to print your chosen piece.

Yes! Please email us at info@myphotoartstore.com and let us know what you are planning to order. We will work with you.

It depends on the product, of course. Most of our products should be gently cleaned with a damp cloth but for specifics, look back to the product page where you initially chose what to buy. You can always reach out to us with specific questions.

None that we have yet to see but if you would like us to make small color adjustments to your artwork, we would be happy to do so! One common issue people have is too much yellow, due to common light sources.

We handle this on a case-by-case basis but generally speaking, we will not print products that violate copyright of major brands.

You will definitely see digital proofs! The images you see, however, will be reduced in resolution so that they can be easily emailed. Your final piece will be in high-resolution, around 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Our on-site chat bubble in the bottom corner reaches straight to the My Photo Art, LLC team, we do not use outside customer support. You can also email us at info@myphotoartstore.com and we are quick to respond. You can also reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram @myphotoartstore.