What Kind of Art Do You Use For Bathroom Walls?

To decorate bathroom walls, consider your style and choose art that complements the room's design, such as botanical prints, abstract art, landscapes, or figurative pieces. Make sure the artwork is proportionate to the bathroom furniture and resistant to moisture and humidity. Personal photographs can be transformed into custom art, but ensure they are printed on high-quality, humidity-resistant materials like canvas, metal, or acrylic. Mixed media art can also make a bold statement, but choose pieces with materials compatible with the bathroom's humidity levels, complementing the overall design and theme.

Find your style first

When using art for bathroom walls, you should find the style that matches your personality and complements your bathroom design. Consider landscape-style artwork or something that reflects your interests in nature. Then, go shopping for a piece that reflects your tastes. Remember to consider the size of the piece and ensure it's proportionate to your bathroom furniture. 

Botanical prints are always tasteful

Botanical prints are a classic and tasteful choice for bathroom walls. They work well in traditional and contemporary designs. Tropical and scientific prints, single leaves, and vintage signs are also popular options. Consider the style and size of botanical prints to suit your personal taste and room size.

Abstract art can be a great choice

Modern bathrooms often have clean lines and a neutral color scheme, making them the perfect blank canvas for wall art. Abstract works can add a modern and stylish touch to your bathroom. You can create an abstract mural or choose abstract watercolors for a soothing effect.

Our personal favorites are landscapes and scenery

Landscapes and scenery are unique choices for decorating your bathroom walls. Choose from gorgeous coastline artwork, luscious forest scenes, and other inspiring prints or posters. Consider hand-painted artwork or printed options from reputable sources. Select a piece that appeals to your senses and evokes a peaceful feeling.

Consider figurative and nude art

A nude painting or a figurative sketch can add a feminine feel to a bathroom. Both types of art create a feeling of intrigue and beauty and can elevate interior design. You can also choose vintage signs or wall hangings that can withstand humidity and moisture. However, consider the opinions of designers and artists when choosing nude art for your bathroom.

Determine where to hang your wall art

Before you decide on a piece of bathroom wall art, determine the size of the wall space you've selected and its location. Popular locations include opposite the bathroom mirror or above the toilet. The height and width of the wall should accommodate the chosen artwork, and the style of the bathroom should be taken into account.

Decide on an appropriate size

When designing your bathroom, consider the size of the wall space and the appropriate size for your artwork. Choose tiles with a length-to-width ratio of at least 1:2 and consider larger tiles for long walls. Subway tiles are a popular choice for walls, offering an elegant yet practical look.

Humidity is a consideration

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Choose art that is resistant to moisture and steam for bathroom walls. Look for photos made from acid-free archival materials, and avoid using pictures with sentimental value. Control the humidity in the room to reduce the chances of damage to the art. Examples of humidity-resistant artwork include metal wall sculpture, and ceramic and glass plate art, while oil paintings are not recommended due to their sensitivity to moisture.

Using personal photographs as art

One creative way to personalize your bathroom walls is by using your photographs as art. This can include family photos, pet photos, scenic photos, or any other personal images that hold meaning for you. Transforming these photos into custom and personalized art pieces can make your bathroom feel more intimate and unique.

Tips for choosing the right photographs

When selecting personal photographs to use as wall art, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose high-resolution images: High-quality photos will ensure that your wall art looks crisp and clear, even when printed in larger sizes.
  2. Consider the bathroom's color scheme: Select photos with colors that complement your bathroom's design and color scheme to create a harmonious look.
  3. Opt for timeless images: Choose photographs that hold a special place in your heart and won't become outdated over time.

Printing and framing your photographs

Once you've chosen the right photographs, you can transform them into wall art by printing them on high-quality materials like canvas, metal, or acrylic. These materials are more resistant to humidity and moisture, making them suitable for bathroom walls. 

When framing your photographs, opt for moisture-resistant frames and materials such as aluminum or plastic. Avoid wooden frames, as they can warp or rot due to high humidity levels.

Incorporating mixed media art in your bathroom

Mixed media art, which combines different materials and techniques, can also make a bold statement in your bathroom. This type of art can be an excellent choice for those who appreciate creativity and uniqueness.

When selecting mixed media pieces, consider the following:

  1. Material compatibility: Ensure that the materials used in the artwork are compatible with the bathroom's humidity levels. Avoid pieces that incorporate materials that are sensitive to moisture, such as paper or untreated wood.
  2. Style and theme: Choose mixed media art that complements your bathroom's overall design and theme. This will help create a cohesive look and enhance the overall aesthetic.
  3. Size and placement: Just like with any other type of wall art, consider the size and placement of the mixed media piece. Make sure it's proportionate to the bathroom furniture and that it fits well within the available wall space.

Decorating your bathroom walls with art is a creative way to enhance the room's ambiance and reflect your style. Whether you prefer botanical prints, abstract art, landscapes, or personal photographs, there are numerous options to choose from. Keep in mind the size, placement, and humidity resistance of the artwork to ensure it remains a beautiful addition to your bathroom for years to come.