Great Décor Ideas for a Large Wall

To decorate a large blank wall, consider adding statement wallpaper or decals, hanging mirrors or metal accents, incorporating texture through rugs or wall coverings, infusing color with paint or artwork, and showcasing personal items. Additional options include adding storage through floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets, incorporating molding or wainscoting for visual interest, creating a gallery wall, displaying extra-large canvas art, or showcasing wall sculptures. By experimenting with these ideas, you can transform a large wall into a stunning focal point that reflects your taste and personality, creating a welcoming and personal space.

Decorating a large blank wall

A large blank wall can be a challenging space to decorate, especially if you only have a small collection of art. Here are some great ideas to help you come up with a design that works:

Statement wallpaper and decals

One of the best ways to add visual interest to a blank wall is to use decals or statement wallpaper. These two options are great for a large blank wall because they can take up most of the wall space. They are also great for a living room because you can place them over your couch. Unlike wallpaper, decals use wall-friendly adhesive, so you don't have to worry about rubbing them off. A mural is another option, and you can even add it to your ceiling.

Mirrors and metal accents

Hanging mirrors is another great way to fill a bare wall. Mirrors can be mixed and matched with other wall decor or stand on their own. Just make sure to choose a frame that fits your room's theme. Modern rooms will look good with a white or black frame, while coastal and rustic rooms can benefit from faded wooden frames. Metal wall accents add texture to the wall, and they look good above a wooden piece of furniture. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, a metal sculpture is a great option.

Adding texture

Texture can make your room feel cozy and inviting. It adds depth and dimension and is a great choice for people who are color-averse. There are a variety of ways you can add texture to a large wall:

Rugs and wall coverings

a rope ladder wall hanging with plants sitting in it, bedroom, afternoon light

One great way to add texture to a large wall is to add a large rug or wall covering. These can be used for various purposes, including holding coral toys, plants, or a gallery wall. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, so they can fit into any décor theme.

Unique décor items

You can also add unique décor items to add texture and dimension. For example, you can use macrame wall hangings, vintage décor, or flatweave 3D items like flatweave baskets to create a gallery wall.

Adding color

Adding color to a large wall is one way to bring your home's decor to life. However, if you're afraid of messing up, here's a trick: start with a color you like and test it on a small section of the wall. Ask the paint store to formulate the color at half strength so you can experiment with the shade. Alternatively, you can use colorful artwork or framed prints to infuse color without committing to painting the entire wall.

Adding personality

One of the best ways to add personality to a large wall is to display a variety of items that are personal to you. For example, if you are a book collector, you can use the wall as a place to display books you love. If you're a traveler, you can display artifacts from your travels. And if you like music, you can use the wall to display vinyl records, CDs, and old tapes.

Adding storage

Storage solutions can add a lot of character and depth to a room. Whether you have limited space or a big house, adding storage to a large wall can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Floating shelves, bookcases, or wall-mounted cabinets are good options that provide ample storage while making a statement on the wall.

Adding style

A large wall is an excellent opportunity to add texture and visual interest to your space. There are various ways to add style to your wall, making it a focal point in your room.


You can add molding to the edges of the wall, which gives a sophisticated and expensive look. If you don't want to add molding to the entire wall, you can choose a more minimal look by adding wainscoting or picture rails to create visual interest and break up the wall space.

Gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall is another stylish way to decorate a large wall. Mix and match various art pieces, photographs, and wall decor to create a cohesive and eye-catching display. You can choose to create a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, depending on your preference and the room's style.

Extra Large Canvas Wall Art

Investing in a single oversized piece of art can make a significant impact on a large wall. Choose a piece that complements the room's color scheme and style. An oversized painting, photograph, or even a tapestry can serve as a dramatic focal point and instantly add personality to your space.

Wall sculptures

Wall sculptures are another way to add style to a large wall. These can range from intricate metalwork to wooden carvings or even abstract shapes made from various materials. Wall sculptures add depth and dimension, and they can be excellent conversation starters for guests.

In conclusion, there are countless ways to transform a large wall into a stunning focal point that reflects your taste and personality. Whether you choose to add texture, color, storage, or style, the key is to experiment and find the perfect combination that suits your space and preferences. Remember, it's all about making the wall work for you and creating a space that feels welcoming and personal.